14.5” Kohree 90W LED Light Bar 7800 Lumen Spot Flood Combo Beam

Kohree 14.5 inch LED light bar


The Kohree 14.5 inch LED light bar is my pick for anyone looking for a smaller light bar for their vehicle. One of my favorite parts of this one is that it uses Cree LEDs, which are known for being high quality. Also, at 7800 lumens of brightness it is going to illuminate whatever you are going through just fine. The light bar ships with some basic mounting materials. Many people report having great success with them on ATVs and boats as well.

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Nilight 20 inch LED Light Bar 126W Flood Spot Combo

Bangbangche 20 inch LED Light Bar


Now I hadn’t heard of this brand before and suspect they might be on the way up very soon in popularity. The Nilight 20 inch LED Light Bar is a great price considering they  have an IP67 rating, and are ridiculously bright. I don’t think that you could do any better for this price, not to mention they have only received a huge amount of glowing reviews from customers. Read more

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Auxbeam 30 inch LED Light Bar 19800 Lumen Spot Flood Combo Beam

Auxbeam 30 inch LED Light Bar


It seems like as the list goes on these light bars just keep getting better and better. The Auxbeam 30 inch LED Light Bar also features the Cree LEDs that you want in a light bar, the IP67 rating and even more lumens than the previous bar featured: 19800. If that doesn’t light up the entire forest I don’t know what will. Read more

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Rigid Industries 50 inch LED Light Bar Driving/Hyperspot Combo

Rigid Industries 50 inch LED Light bar


The Rigid Industries 50 inch LED Light bar is an American-made beast. Rigid makes some of the best ones in the business, if not the out-right best. What makes it so good? The craftsmanship is out of this world, and the product reflects that. It’s the brightest light bar listed here by far at 24,840 lumens, and probably the one most able to withstand a beating. However, that quality comes at a steep price that for most people will be out of their price range. To me, price is one of the strongest factors for most people and the first thing they consider, otherwise this entire list could have just been Rigid products. I still felt like it needed to be on the list because if you can afford it, it IS the best. Click here to read the full review

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Check out this torture test video they put out if you need proof of the above:


LED Light Bars are becoming quite popular for anyone who is into off-roading and wants to be able to cut through the night and fog alike. Whether it’s a light bar for your truck, 4×4, or ATV you will be able to find one that suits your needs here. They can even be used to supplement road driving, however be aware of other drivers because bright lightbars can get you a ticket.


Selling Points of LED Light Bars


Any good light bar is going to also be extremely well built, which compliments the already sturdy LED technology inside them. They aren’t fragile.

LED Life span

One of the biggest selling points of using an LED light bar is the ridiculous life-span of the LEDs themselves, some models lasting up to 50,000 hours. Other forms of lighting such as halogen and HID lights do not come close.

Power Consumption

You also don’t have to worry about LED light bars eating up your car’s battery. LED Technology is extremely power efficient and does not use much electricity to run, unlike other lighting technologies.


There are a ton of different options when it comes to purchasing a light bar. This is both good and bad, because while you can get the perfect one for your needs, finding that one can be a little difficult. Hopefully this article will help you to find what you need.


Purchasing Considerations


It’s important to pay attention to the size of the light bar that you’re purchasing, as the size dictates where you can mount it. Generally smaller light bars (20”) are going to be mounted on the bumper while large ones (50”) will be mounted on the roof of the vehicle. If in doubt, just grab a tape measure and check!

Beam Pattern

You also want to be aware of the beam pattern of the lights. There are two main variations to be aware of here:


Flood beams are great for off road driving because they cast a wide angle of light, but for a narrower beam pattern more suited for roads, go with a spot beam. Combo lights are the preference and reason most people purchase LED light bars. It’s also worth taking into consideration the lumens if you intend to drive on roads so not to blind other drivers.

Beam pic

Electrical Connectors

Make sure that you’re aware of the right electrical connectors that your vehicle has (DT or ATP) and make sure the light bar you’re considering has the same connectors.

IP rating

IP stands for Ingress Protection, which tells you the light bar’s ability to withstand water and dust. If you are going off-road I highly recommend going with an IP67 LED light bar to ensure that it can take anything you might throw at it.


Now this is a more general section, but I highly recommend not skimping on the quality of the light bar you purchase. Here are a few questions I would keep in mind.

  • Is it a reputable brand?

Any reputable manufacturer will have a ton of great reviews and a good warranty.

  • Is the price too good to be true?

Now I know it’s not a guarantee to get a quality product for less money, but as a general rule I would not buy a cheap led light bar that doesn’t meet the above criteria. Spending more is usually okay as long as it is in line with the rest of the market. It’s better to buy one semi-expensive light bar than have to buy two cheap ones because the first one broke.

  • Is it rated for what I intend to use it for?

Kind of like when I mentioned the IP67 rating for off road driving, I highly recommend making sure that the light bar is rated for your intended use. Water-proof, dust-proof, etc.

I hope this article helped you to find the perfect LED light bar for off-roading or just improving your vision on the roads at night!