LED Night Light


The LED Night Light by Spark LED Technology is a night light for the modern day. With a sleek look and LED technology, it leaves the filament night lights in the past where they belong. One of my biggest gripes with filament bulb night lights is how they go dim over time. Then, when they go out you are stuck looking for a tiny bulb to replace them with!

My favorite part of this night light is how modern it looks. It will make any place look far more neat just by being plugged in. Even my messy room!

With its small size, you can even plug two into the same outlet or leave it open for other devices. This makes it a perfect choice for basically any location.

From kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms it will fit perfectly to provide a cool glow of light.


But how does this LED Night Light perform?

I also want to talk about the light itself. It puts out approximately five to seven lumens, which is enough for a pleasant white glow on the wall. And unlike conventional night lights, it doesn’t get hot – which is huge for parents with curious children. (Or pets!)

The light sensor ensures that it is only on at night like most night lights out there. The difference being that it only uses .2 watts!That’s basically nothing when it comes to energy consumption.

Yes, you read that right. When you do the math, it comes out to an estimated 20 cents a year to power. By comparison, a 7 watt night light will cost around $6 a year to run. This LED nightlight will more than pay for itself in the time it takes for it to go out. LED technology is super cheap to run and that principle is true here as well.

The light sensor turns on instantly as soon as the room is dark which is also handy. I don’t want to fiddle around in the dark any longer than I have to, so I especially appreciate this. Not all LED wall lamps start up without a delay, which is worth being aware of.

Now there isn’t much that is bad to say about this light, but I do have one gripe with them. That being that the light only lasts for ~10,000 hours. Say you sleep an average of eight hours a night, which comes out to 1,250 days of use. That is a lot! I guess I’m just used to the capabilities that other LED lights have upwards of ~15,000.


LED Wall Lamp


The last word

Overall, these are one of the best looking LED night lights out there and they put off a very cool glow. It’s a great light because it’s enough to light up where you plug it in, but not be TOO bright.

The great design helps them compliment your surroundings and not stick out like a sore thumb. Older night lights (at least the ones I have) are just very dated looking.

Combine that with the energy savings (up to 95%) and I think you have a great light that will last years to come.

Start lighting up your home with the Spark Technology LED Night Light!

LED Night Light by Spark Technology Review