Advanced Platinum Series P300 300W 12-band LED Grow Light Review

Platinum LED Grow Light Review

This 300W grow light by Platinum is simply amazing, and sure to provide for your needs. Using advanced LED technology, and looking simply superb there’s no reason to look any further. If you want to ensure the maximal harvest of your indoor crops, this light has you covered from start to finish.

It has two modes of use, one for the vegetative stage of growing and one for blooming. With an incredible lifespan, this advanced LED grow light is sure to accompany countless generations of your plants from seed to harvest.

Size: 19”x8 ¼” x3”

Coverage at 18”: 4.5’x3.8′

Lights: 100 3W LEDs

Lifespan: 100,000 hours

Power Draw: 93W Veg/180W Bloom


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Platinum LEDs

Platinum LED grow lights are some of the best on the market. They’ve focused their advanced LED grow lights in a unique way, focusing primarily on the parts of the spectrum which enable photosynthesis. With the advent of LED grow lights, the old wattage rating that was the primary indicator of your needs is gone, and has been replaced with a new measurement, PAR or photosynthetic active radiation. Platinum LEDs boast the highest PAR per watt on the market, meaning they make the perfect product to grow bountiful crops.

Platinum doesn’t just punch in a number for their PAR ratings, they actually videotaped the entire process and posted it online. Any fool can punch in whatever numbers they’d like, but Platinum has both proved that they are a reputable company and that they will take a step above and beyond the competitors in order to ensure the best service and experience for their customers.
With twelve light bands, these advanced LED grow lights are amazing. They have an incredible amount of their light within the proper spectrum, and side by side demonstrations have consistently shown Platinum LEDs to be the absolute best. Producing some of the best grow lights available in the marketplace, you shouldn’t ask yourself why you want go with these advanced LED grow lights but instead why you haven’t already.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the specified power draw of these lights also powers dual fans, to keep the lights cool and protect your produce. Heat is the only real enemy of any kind of LED lighting, and built in-fans are a great addition to the design, ensuring that your lights will grow many, many generations of plants before they need replacement. The fans reputedly only put out about as much noise as the fans cooling a desktop computer, ensuring that the motors won’t be whirring and irritating you all day and night.
Platinum LED grow lights are an amazing investment into your gardening, and the lights themselves will last for years to come. They also come with a five year warranty, in the rare case that something might go wrong with your light before its incredible lifespan is up.

Why You Need This Light

This light is sure to make the most bang for your buck. A 300W grow light is more than enough to ensure a small crop comes to a great and prosperous ending. There’s no need to muck about with anything but advanced LED grow lights anymore and you’re sure to be pleased with the switch if you were using outdated fluorescent and high pressure sodium bulbs. With lower heat production, lower energy use, and a slimmer profile LEDs are sure to please any would-be indoor farmer.

This 300W grow light is the perfect place to start if you haven’t already made the switch, Platinum LEDs advanced technology will rapidly make a believer out of you. We all know that the initial investment can be a bit much to the newbie, but LEDs have an extreme life span and are very low energy compared to more aged technologies and the savings will really mount up. You’ll still need adequate ventilation in an enclosed area, but you might be able to do away with the huge box fans which are required in most indoor growing operations.

This light has a huge advantage over many other forms of lighting with its two growing modes. Allow your seedlings to bask in the light perfect for their early stages of growth with the VEG option ensuring swift and optimal uptake of nutrients to quickly increase their size. Once you’re ready for them to progress to their final stages all you need to do is activate the BLOOM switch as well and you’re good to go as the light unleashes its full spectrum of rich, high PAR light and makes the fruits of your endeavor that much bigger and sweeter.

You need this 300W grow light in your life if you’re serious about a small-scale foray into the world of growing indoor plants. The initial investment is sure to return dividends quickly, and after your first harvest you’ll never, ever have to look back to the painful days of outdated lighting.


Product Conclusions

These lights are a great buy, and sure to return on the investment whether just through the joy of seeing your bonsai trees flourish or taking the fruits of your labor to market.

It’s also perfect just for those who want to avoid the costly trial and error many people have undertaken trying to find the light that is just right for them at the outset of their foray into indoor gardening.

There’s really no need to flail and panic about choosing your light source, when an excellent company like Platinum produces amazing products like this.

For the small scale or beginning gardener this plant provides an immense amount of value and is sure to last for years to come. After all 100,000 hours is over a decade of continuous run time.

This 300W grow light is an impressive piece of technology, and with Platinum’s proven track record and focus on the absolute best of the lighting spectrum for growing purposes you can hardly go wrong with this lamp.

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Platinum LED Grow Light Review