The Redline LED Tailgate Light Bar Review

Redline LED Tailgate Light Bar


The Redline LED Tailgate Light Bar is a guaranteed way to get the attention of everyone around you while you’re driving.

60 inches of LED light glory to not only enhance your safety but add a hell of a lot of style at the same time.

Find out why this tailgate light bar is one of the best bang for buck products out there.

So how does it compare to other light bars?

Expanding on what I said earlier about getting attention: these lights sync with your factory lights.

If you’re turning your blinker on to change a lane, hitting your brakes etc. people will know pretty clearly.

It’s hard to describe how bright it actually is. The listing itself does not have any figures, but boasts that its alpha LED is 35% brighter than a standard LED.

The good thing is that the brightness only really comes out when using the brakes or changing lanes. It wouldn’t be too good to blind everyone on the road while you’re just cruising along, right?

The build quality is a great combination of aluminum and waterproof silicone that is rated IP 67. That’s almost as sealed as a product can get!

Great for not worrying about rainy weather or getting the light bar dirty on a road trip.

Now what I’m really a fan of on this light besides the style and functionality is the ease of installation. If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you’d know that I don’t like wasting time with complicated installations or wiring.

It’s not that I can’t handle it, but after a day at work if it requires a lot of attention it’s going to have to wait for the weekend.


Redline LED Tailgate Light Bar


I’m pleasantly surprised that these feature an adhesive back that sticks to your tailgate. Just wipe it down with some rubbing alcohol first to make sure it can form a solid bond.

The wiring is just as simple as you can plug it into your truck’s 4 pin trailer harness and you’re good to go.

The option to hardwire is there if you prefer that route, but I’m a fan of keeping things simple. Why over complicate something that works fine?


Final thoughts about this LED tailgate light bar

There’s not much negative to say about this LED tailgate light bar. You won’t find a better accessory to add some style and safety to your truck for such a good price.

Anyone who’s looked into tricking out their truck even a little bit knows that customizing can get pricey and that’s not the case here.

The LEDs are very bright and live up to their claims as well, which is probably the most important factor. At the end of the day, a light bar that doesn’t put out good light wouldn’t be worth much!

Installation could not be more simple. Prepare the surface you want to stick it on, put it there and plug it in!

If it were a complex process I definitely would take off some points for that. Because nobody wants to spend hours setting up a light bar!

For all of the above reasons, it’s pretty hard to not recommend this product and people on Amazon seem to agree.

Start lighting up your tailgate with the Redline LED Tailgate Light Bar

60″ Redline LED Tailgate Light Bar Review