One of the most cool and simple ways you can up your car’s style is by outfitting your car’s interior with some badass LED interior lights. The OPT7 Aura Smart-Color LED Kit is one of the best choices to do just that. It has an outstanding range of features and such easy installation that anyone can set it up without too much hassle.


So first things first: Installation of these LED interior lights

The first thing you’ll have to do is the installation, so it makes sense to start there. The OPT7 kit actually has two ways you can install it:

  1. Plug it directly into your cigarette lighter
  2. Plug it into your fuse box directly (includes 3 different size adapters)

If you go the first way of plugging it directly into your cigarette lighter, you can have it going as soon as you have the lights in place. However, for a more clean and professional install you can just wire it to your fuse box with the included adapters.

For only an additional 20 minutes at the most, this is the way I would recommend doing it. Also worth noting, you get some additional features when you wire it to the fuse box. Features such as synchronizing with your vehicle and lighting up whenever you open your doors.


LED Lighting Kit


This kit is full of features

When it comes to an interior modification, you really can’t ask for easier options than that. Honestly, it might take you longer to position the lights well than it will to connect your choice of powering them! The kit comes with zip ties, mounting brackets, and four wires with ample length to run them throughout your vehicle.

The next feature of the OPT7 LED interior lighting kit that I think really sells it is the trademarked ‘SoundSync’. Your lights will pulse with the bass of your music, turning your vehicle into a mobile rave show! It makes listening to your music a different experience altogether. In my opinion it works the best with bass heavy music more than anything else.OPT7 LED light remote

Controlling the lights is also a breeze with the two included remotes. The mini remote (keychain) makes one button adjustments simple so you can change it on the fly. If you’re looking for more options or want to give the people riding some control, there’s the larger remote. With the larger one you can choose the color (16 in total) you want and adjust the settings (brightness, speed).

Perhaps the most important aspect of all is the quality of the actual LED lights. These are actually great quality, water and dust resistant LED lights that use 3M tape to stick. To ensure you get a good bond when you’re setting the lights up you will want to wipe down the mounting surface with some rubbing alcohol. They’re also bright, in case you were wondering.


Final thoughts on this LED interior lighting kit

Overall I think it would be difficult to go wrong with this interior lighting kit. The cool factor is off the charts and you could not ask for easier installation options.

The SoundSync feature is a killer selling point by itself. If the lights didn’t impress enough already, this should do it. Being a big fan of electronic music in particular it’s like having my own personal concert while I drive down the highway.

It’s a feature rich system that is practically guaranteed to enhance your driving experience at night.

My car actually had some small LED interior lights, but this kit took it to the next level. If you’re even remotely interested in a lighting kit for your car, you owe it to yourself to check these out.

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OPT7 LED Interior Lights