For this I plan to cover what I consider to be the best LED work lights for any situation. Whether you need a portable LED light or one that is also rechargeable, you will be able to find one that helps you get the job done for the right price.

Portable Cordless Rechargeable LED Work Light Work Lamp w/ Hanging Hook, Magnetic Base by Torchstar

Magnetic LED work light

Try saying that name three times fast! So if that extremely descriptive title didn’t get the point across, this small work light is versatile and GREAT for tight spaces. It is ideal for automotive work because of the hook and magnetic base, providing 200 lumens of light and boasting a life span of 30,000 hours. It is also UL listed and can be charged either from a wall socket or a car charger.

The only thing I would change about the light would be to make it more water resistant, but for its excellent price and long list of features it’s a great buy. Read more

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Snap-on 922261 2000 Lumens LED Work Light

Snap-on LED work light

This work light is next because it is still small and portable, but not cordless (6 ft cord) Made by Snap-on, it has the great quality that the brand is known for and boasts 2000 lumens. That makes it ten times brighter than the previous light! This one isn’t so much for the tighter spaces, more for lighting up an area while still being very light weight and easy to move around. Read more

Here’s a great video review:

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LOFTEK® 10W Rechargeable Portable LED Work Light

rechargeable led work light

The Loftek makes the list because of its portability and rechargeable battery. Although it is not as bright as the snap-on, with 900 lumens it will still be plenty bright! It is rated to work up to 4.5 hours on a single charge, while taking up to 5 hours to totally charge the battery.

The cool thing about this light is that the battery is detachable, and they sell batteries by themselves so you can swap them out if you have a long job. The price isn’t amazing on the batteries, but it’s cheaper than buying two lights.

As far as specifications go, the total life span of the light is 100,000 hours, and the battery rated capacity is 8800mAh. The beam distance is 20m, and it has the Roth, CE, MSDS and UL certifications showing that is safe to use. All in all, a great LED work light. Read more

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PowerSmith PWL21100TS Two-Head 10000 Lumen LED Work Light with Tripod

Tripod LED work light

Now this work light is by far the most powerful on the list. At 10,000 lumens, the light output coming from this is nothing short of incredible. But beyond the huge lumen count, it also boasts a lot of useful features.

The lights can be turned on and off separately, tilt, and even detached from the stand if you need to use them in a smaller space or just on the ground. The tripod itself is very light weight and it extends up to 65 inches (five feet and five inches), which is great for lighting up a very large area like a yard or even under a house.

If you are looking for a lighting solution that will cover a large area, this is the work light for you. Read more

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Why LED Work Lights?

LED work lights are the next step up in lighting up your work space. Whether that’s lighting up the shed out back, additional light in your garage, or under a vehicle there is an LED light solution for it. Nowadays you can easily purchase a comparable LED tripod work light or even a portable LED light for spaces with limited room to work with.

Probably my favorite aspect of choosing an LED work light over a halogen or CFL one is the lower power consumption. This makes rechargeable LED lights a viable solution that will give you plenty of time to work without worrying about running out of light. A typical small LED work light can run up to four hours on a single charge. It’s also great for long projects where lighting will be required for hours on end, you won’t have a huge electricity bill running up and if you leave them on overnight it’s not a big deal at all.

The durability of the work light will be up to the manufacturer, but LED technology is based on solid-state components (which means no moving parts) that will not easily break. I don’t doubt that there are some decent halogen or CFL work lights out there, but it is clear that LED is the better choice that undoubtedly is going to take over the market in a few years’ time. You don’t have to worry about brushing up against an LED work light and burning yourself like you do with a halogen one! It might sound a little silly, but if you’re working on a project you probably aren’t thinking about how hot the light has gotten over a few hours of working.

All in all, I consider purchasing an LED work light a great choice for anyone who needs bright, long lasting, and potentially portable lighting. The rechargeable LED lights are a great buy considering the combination of low power consumption of LEDs and how good batteries have gotten over the years. And considering you don’t have to worry about heat with them, they beat their Halogen work lights equivalents. You won’t regret purchasing one of these.