Maglite LED Flashlight Review


The Maglite LED flashlight is a continuation of the standard set by previous Maglite flashlights, except better because now it’s made with LEDs instead of an incandescent bulb. If you have ever owned a Maglite in the past, you are probably aware of how sturdy they are.

These flashlights are designed to withstand some punishment, and you can tell just holding one that it is well-built. This flashlight by Maglite is no exception to that!


Here are my favorite features of this LED flashlight

  • Weather resistant seals, and an anodized aluminum exterior and interior
  • Extremely far beam distance
  • Great battery life
  • USA designed and manufactured

The reason that this Maglite LED flashlight is so durable is due to the superior construction. The weather resistant seals ensure that water is kept out of the flashlight, and the anodized aluminum helps prevent corrosion. This light is built from the ground up with that durable philosophy, which is a huge part of the reason it is so popular with professionals and consumers alike.

With a whopping beam distance of 412m (which is slightly over a quarter of a mile), you’ll have no trouble spotting anything you shine this light at. I’m sure there are some lights out there that can match this, but I haven’t found them yet! And even if they do, I doubt it can be for the same low price as this flashlight. It also allows you to change the beam from spot to flood just by twisting the head of the light, which is great both for its simplicity and versatility.

The battery life of this light is ridiculous. On a single set of 3 D-cell batteries, you will get 80 hours of runtime. Which is just impresses me a ton, because most lights do not come CLOSE to matching either the brightness or battery life. This is due to Maglite’s “Intelligent Energy Source Management” technology which balances the high brightness with extended battery life, it works well. For the sake of comparison, a rechargeable LED flashlight might last two and a half hours on a single charge. The efficiency of this light is incredible.

Lastly, I’d like to talk a little bit about why you can’t go wrong with an American made LED flashlight. The LED flashlight market is very easy for Chinese companies to get into and produce low quality, cheap flashlights. However, don’t get the wrong impression: some products outsourced to China do a good job of making a quality product. They just aren’t the cheap ones that flood the market.

This Maglite LED flashlight is not only amazingly priced, but you can feel confident in buying because it is not sacrificing build quality like some other flashlight companies out there. They have been making flashlights for years and have a great product because of that. I have zero doubts that this is the best non-rechargeable LED flashlight on the market.

Here’s an additional video review that showcases both the 2 D and 3 D cell models of this flashlight:


Product conclusion

Normally I list both the pros and cons of each product I review on this site, but I honestly can’t find anything wrong with this flashlight.

It’s well-built, efficient, and exceptionally priced. Normally I might be inclined to lean towards a rechargeable flashlight, but this light manages its batteries so well it makes me question that!

I think you would have a hard time going wrong with Maglite, and I highly recommend this flashlight.

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Maglite LED Flashlight Review