Best LED juggling balls

When it comes to the best LED juggling balls, the set of 5 from Flames N Games (I don’t understand the name either) are the best I have found online.

There are a few factors I look at when making the call for the best: price, durability and features.

I prefer to be as objective as possible so you can get a fair idea of what to expect!

So what separates these from the competition?

Let’s start with the first factor on my list which is price. These are NOT the cheapest set you can get out there, but one of the ONLY ones I have found that does not mention defects of some kind in the reviews.

Makes it much easier to find the best LED juggling balls out there for sure.

Cheaper LED juggling balls have been reported to leak the ‘stuffing’ inside which is problematic, because they’re meant to be able to hold up to take some abuse!

If you can’t drop a juggling ball without worrying about it, you have a problem. These are made of a sturdy silicon type material that not only holds up to the abuse, but also feel great to hold.

Another issue I commonly see with the cheaper sets is that the switch is exposed on the outside which is ridiculous for any juggler. When you buy quality balls you don’t have to worry about weird problems that you’d expect the designers to have accounted for.

I wouldn’t mind if they were cheaper, but considering they avoid the pitfalls commonly seen by the lesser sets I would consider them good for the money. The old adage of “buy something that costs more instead of buying a cheap product twice” definitely rings true here.

Feature wise, they basically light up and that’s it.

They’re still plenty cool and attention grabbing with the mixed set of colors you get. I like that they come with batteries included, so you’re ready to rock as soon as they come in the mail.

The set also comes with a carrying bag that helps keep them all together.

Further thoughts on light up juggling balls

There’s nothing quite like being able to juggle in the dark with these bright LED glow balls. It kind of takes you out of the world of distractions and all you’re left with are these floating orbs.

Whether you’re just juggling for fun or for entertaining others, these are mesmerizing.

I’ve heard of people having issues with keeping them clean and I have a few practical solutions for that:

  1. Wash your hands before juggling
  2. Juggle indoors (dirt and rubber make for a bad combination)
  3. If they’re dirty, don’t submerge them. Mix up a dish soap/water mix and use a brush to scrub the exterior.

So if you’re at this point and you’re still contemplating the above, let me sum it up for you. These are a great choice for jugglers of all levels.

The price isn’t the best, but sometimes to get the best you have to be willing to spend a little more!

The most important factor to me is that they live up to their name and are very bright. LED juggling balls aren’t too much fun if the lighting is weak or unreliable.

Arguably more important though is the fact that they are durable. Juggling can subject the balls to a lot of stress over time from taking repeated falls and mishaps.

These are built not just to survive falls, but carry on with business as usual. Just keep them away from your dog and buy some cheap light up balls for them to chew on!

If you’re into juggling at all (or want to be), you owe it to yourself to check these out on Amazon!

Best LED Juggling Balls