One of the easiest ways to take your media entertainment to the next level is to use an LED strip light. It is one of the coolest and easiest additions you can make to your TV with very minimal effort. Especially when all you have to do is order the right size for your TV and then plug it into the USB slot on the back of it.

The BASON USB powered LED light strip is an effective solution to the above. Being able to choose the color to go with what you’re watching is surprisingly cool and immersive. And that applies whether you match the color to what you’re watching or you just want a cool atmosphere to watch TV in.

And besides the obvious cool factor this LED strip light has some very useful features.  It offers 16 colors, 4 different modes (flash, fade, strobe and smooth) you can put the lights on and they are even dimmable.

All of this is controlled by an easy-to-use remote that it comes with.


Jumping into the details of this LED light strip

The LED strip lights comes with 3M adhesive already applied which is pretty nice.  The only thing you want to be aware of here is applying the LED strip properly to the back of your TV so it fits. One customer left and unfavorable review after finding that the LED strip did not perfectly contour to the TV.

However, this is not a very good critique of the backlight because you can in fact cut it to better fit your TV.

It is also important that your TV isn’t dusty so it can stick to it better, so wipe it down with some alcohol wipes. (Not the screen!)

Overall, BASON Is a company I hadn’t heard of prior to this product, but I’m very pleasantly surprised how they seem to be committed to the consumer. They answer questions and want to make sure people are happy with their purchase.

You definitely have to be careful with LED companies on Amazon buying favorable reviews in exchange for a free product. You can tell that most people that reviewed this product actually bought it.

It almost goes without saying that LED lighting will last you a long time. And the product description for these you can count on 30,000 hours total lifespan. I went ahead and did the math and that comes out to 1250 DAYS of continuous lighting they provide. A very impressive figure that is in line with what you might expect from other quality LED products.

It is worth noting as well that some people have issues with re-adjusting the strip lights once they have been applied to the TV. The adhesive is no joke and you might want to not press them down too firmly while setting it up just to be sure it’s right.


The ambiance is great on this LED light strip


Wrapping it all up

To me, This LED strip light as possibly one of the best TV backlighting solutions on Amazon.

I try to be as objective as possible when reviewing LED products and I legitimately can’t find bad things to say about this product. It especially makes a nice addition if you have your TV mounted on the wall.

Do yourself a favor and check out the BASON LED strip lights on Amazon.

BASON LED Light Strip for TVs