LED aquarium lighting

Why use LEDs to light your aquarium?

There are a ton of benefits to using LED lighting for your aquarium. They are…

  • Long lasting – Most LEDs last a minimum of 25000 hours of use
  • Great for color
  • Energy efficient – Other lighting technologies don’t come close

LED aquarium lighting just blows other forms of lighting out of the water when it comes to longevity. As mentioned above, they have a ridiculously long life span and are sure to last you for many years if taken care of.

You are more likely to have a fan or the power supply go out on you than the light itself!

The color options are fantastic. It’s really up to what you want and how much you’re willing to pay when it comes to the options. I am personally a big fan of software where I have total control over the lighting and dimming, but most people probably don’t care for managing all of that.

You can also leave them on all day without worrying about your electricity bill. LEDs are so energy efficient  compared to other lighting options they pay for themselves within two to three years! That’s not something you can achieve with any other form of lighting out there.

And the technology just keeps getting better with them. There are a ton of lights out there to fit anyone’s needs, from a basic light to fully modular designs available. You should have no trouble finding the perfect one to fit your aquarium’s needs.


How to choose the best LED aquarium lighting

You’ll probably want to set a strict budget to follow. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything that’s out there and it will narrow down the choices dramatically.

Another key point is what features are important to have for your aquarium lighting! This is going to vary wildly from person to person and that’s why it is important. Not all aquariums are the same. From size to the types of fish and or plants, there’s a lot of things to keep in mind. Here’s a good starting point of factors to consider:


  1. Build quality – This directly affects how long the light will last and perform.
  2. Aquarium appeal – How does it actually make the aquarium look when it is in use?
  3. External appeal – It should look good from the outside as well since you have to look at it too!
  4. Colors – How many colors are available and how much control is offered?
  5. Warranty / Support – Things go wrong, it’s important to be covered when they do.


It’s a good idea to buy based on what is important for you. The factors above will have different value to everyone, and should cover basically everything you need to consider when buying an led fish tank light.

I’d advise ranking those based on what you find the most important and that should help you narrow it down. Those are just listed in my order of preference!


Things to be aware of

Avoid getting them wet. Although LEDs can be built to be water resistant and even water proof in some cases, they will inevitably get damaged if they’re underwater.

Also be sure they get adequate air flow. Even though LEDs won’t transfer any heat into the aquarium itself, it is imperative that they stay cool because they do generate heat. This is especially important if you are putting an led light into a closed hood, make sure there is a fan for air flow.

If you have coral in your tank you will want to slowly use them to get the coral used to them. The intense brightness can trigger a reaction that bleaches them. Definitely could be an unpleasant surprise if you weren’t aware. Most LED lights are plenty bright on their own, so I would advise not seeking out the brightest out there unless you are aware of the risk.



Current USA LED Aquarium Lighting in action
Current USA LED Aquarium Lighting in action

There are a ton of advantages to using led lighting for your aquarium, and very minimal drawbacks.

The options are there to suit anyone’s needs, and for better or worse up to any budget! It is a surprisingly complex market when you start researching it.

If you’re looking for a great middle of the road option in terms of price and features, I highly recommend Current USA led aquarium lighting. They have a very low profile design and a great color spectrum.

I hope the article was informative and helps you make an informed decision!

Best LED Aquarium Lighting