LED Light Pad in Action

The Huion L4S Portable LED Light Pad is an essential tool in any artist’s arsenal. It’s beautifully crafted, thin and bright! With a lit up area of 12.2 x 8.2 inches it provides a compact and portable means for your crafts, instead of traditional light boxes that are usually very bulky. Read on and find out why it is a no brainer if you’re looking for a compact solution to your lighting needs.


Shining a light on this LED Light Pad

Now when I say that the Huion L4S is thin, I mean thin. At a tiny 5.1 mm of thickness, it’s almost as small as they come. That’s a great size to work with as it doesn’t put your work at an awkward angle to try and get things done. While I listed the lit up area above, its total size is 14.17 x1 0.63 inches. That leaves you with plenty of room on your desk for other things too.

That small size also means that it weighs next to nothing. At .68 kg or 1.49 pounds, it’s easy to take in your bag and forget it is even in there. If there’s a lighter light pad out there it would be news to me.

The surface of the light is made of acrylic which is very nice and smooth. Very comparable to a Kindle screen.

Perhaps the most important factor is the light’s brightness! It’s no shocker to me that this LED light pad is very bright. At 1100 Lux, it provides plenty of light for drawing work or any craft needing some bright working space. Aside from the brightness though is another factor that makes this light pad great: it’s brightness is adjustable. Not just with the typical low-medium-high settings, but gradually so you can find the perfect amount of lighting for what you’re doing. It’s a great feature!

What powers this thing though? As with most electronic devices these days, it is (micro) USB powered. The USB cable included is 2 meters long. (6.56 feet) Any computer or power bank will suffice as a source. However, if you want to use it from a wall plug you will need to buy a separate USB wall charge. I’m not wild about that, but it’s probably the only thing you could even paint as a negative when it comes to this product. I don’t suggest using a USB wall charger that isn’t official because if it isn’t the right voltage it could ruin the light pad.



Final thoughts

Overall, this LED light pad has basically everything going for it.

  • Size (portable, lightweight)
  • Bright (also adjustable)
  • Price

You’d have a hard time going wrong with it. The thing gets VERY bright, and being able to be adjusted to the task at hand is very valuable. I like how it can be taken basically anywhere you can power it. Being reliant on USB to power it means you will need to be in close proximity to a computer or buy the wall adapter. It’s not a big deal though as long as you know that beforehand.

Illuminate your crafts with the Huion L4S Portable LED Light Pad!

Huion L4S Portable LED Light Pad Review