ANNT 12 inch LED light bar


The ANNT 12 inch LED light bar is a powerful little light bar that is sure to change your offroad experience. Whether you use it by itself or with another light bar, you are sure to see a giant difference when you use it. With top of the line construction and Cree LEDs, it is one of the better 12 inch LED light bars out there!

Power: 72 Watt
Voltage: 9 – 32 V
IP Rating: IP67
Material: Aluminum

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Let’s get into the details!

annt 12 inch led light bar and mounting brackets
Here’s what is what you get! (Note: you need your own wiring harness)

The people at ANNT were kind enough to send me this light bar to personally try out and review so I want to go ahead and thank them for that! Right out of the box I was impressed by the build quality of this light bar. It is actually fairly heavy for only being 12 inches, and feels strong like it could withstand some serious abuse. I can’t get over how nice it feels and looks.

The design is great. The mounting brackets on the bottom slide around to allow you to mount it from a narrow or wide area, which allows the light bar to be used for basically any vehicle. The grooves on the back allow for cooling from the moment they are turned on. Solid construction all around.

ANNT led light bar heat sink
The heat sink

With 72 watts of power it is one of the brightest light bars in the 12 inch category. I wanted to include this in the review, but due to issues with my wiring I will have to wait to upload pictures of the light in action. Let’s put it this way though, with 72W it is VERY bright.


It’s also worth mentioning that this is a Cree LED light bar, meaning it uses Cree LEDS. These are known for their high quality and life span. Any light bar that uses Cree gets points from me! It is rated for 30,000+ hours of use. I don’t know about you, but that’s a LONG time that is sure to be an invaluable part of any off-roading light bar set up.


Product Conclusion


The ANNT 12 inch LED light bar is one of the best if not the best in its size. The excellent aluminum construction and top notch bright LEDs make for a great combination. You can mount it on a variety of vehicles because of the mounting system. From ATVs to trucks you are good to go.

The most important part of any light bar is the lighting. This one features a powerful combination style light with spot in the middle and flood on the outside that is sure to provide plenty of lighting for any night time off-road activities. Whether you use it by itself or as part of a bigger lighting set up, you won’t be disappointed with how much light it can put out. 72W of power is pretty big for this small light bar.

Overall I highly recommend this 12 inch LED light bar! With the top notch quality components used you are sure to get a lot of use and enjoyment out of it. I can’t wait for my new wiring harness to come in so I can get to using mine. I’ll update this in the future with pictures of the light in action just to show how powerful it is.

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ANNT 12 inch LED Light Bar Review