Nilight 54 inch LED light bar

The 54 inch LED Light Bar that won’t break your budget

The Nilight 54 inch LED Light bar is an awesome, affordable choice for your truck or 4×4. This is the go-to offroad led light bar that will light up everything in front of you with ease, and make your night time riding a lot more enjoyable. In this review I will be covering what I consider to be the pros and cons of this 50 inch LED light bar.

Let’s cover some of the specifications first though.

  • LED Manufacturer: Cree
  • Power: 312W, with a working voltage of 10 – 32V
  • Lumens: Not listed
  • Beam type: Combo, both spot and flood beams
  • IP: IP67

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The nitty gritty of this 54 inch Nilight LED light bar

Nilight offers two models of this light bar, one with Cree LEDs and one without. Cree LEDs have gained an excellent reputation within the industry as being top notch quality and lasting longer than cheap leds. That is my personal recommendation and why I chose to review this model instead of the other one. With a rated lifetime of 30,000 hours it will last years of night time riding.

While it’s no guarantee, products that use Cree LED bulbs are better and far more reliable than cheaper ones.

The power used is low because that LEDs do not use much power compared to their halogen counterparts.

Something you need to keep in mind is that you will need your own wiring harness to install this Nilight light bar which is sold separately. However, it does come with mounting hardware which is nice.

While they didn’t list the exact lumen count, make no mistake: this light bar is extremely bright. If you are using a smaller light bar or just stock headlights, prepare to see a real difference in your visibility at night. Check out the picture below from an Amazon customer.

The way the lights are positioned with the floods on the outside helps to widen the area that is lit up, while the spot light in the middle directly lights up what is in front of you.


Headlights and LED Light bar Comparison


A note on the brightness: this is for offroad use only. Due to the light bars brightness it would certainly blind other drivers on the road and get you pulled over. Be considerate and stick to offroad use.

Onto the build quality: It’s excellently constructed of diecast aluminum which is fairly standard for good light bars. Rated IP67, which means it is almost at the highest IP rating possible. No dust can get inside it and it is rated by the manufacturer as being waterproof, making it a perfect off road led light bar.

It’s built tough to stand up to the conditions of exposed to water and mud.

Our conclusion on the 54 inch Nilight LED Light Bar

For a 54 inch led light bar, I feel like it’s hard to go wrong with this one. Not everyone wants to shell out for a top of the line Rigid light bar that costs way more!

The Nilight hits that sweet spot of being affordable and very effective.

The fact that it features Cree LED bulbs is a huge plus as far as quality goes,and the construction of the rest of the light bar is solid.

I’ve also noticed going through the Amazon reviews that Nilight is very quick to replace defective light bars, which is incredibly important.

When a company has their customer service right, you can feel much more comfortable purchasing their products.

Overall I highly recommend this light bar. It’s a great alternative to the higher priced options without compromising much.

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Nilight 54 inch LED Light Bar Review