Rigid Industries 50 inch LED Light bar review


Are you looking for a new, durable light bar to accompany your truck on your off-road adventures? Look no further, Rigid Industries has put out this 50 inch LED light bar which is perfectly suited for your needs. Durable but sleek, this LED light bar for trucks is sure to meet your needs in a variety of situations.

Since their introduction to the marketplace in 2006, Rigid Industries has consistently put out high quality LED lights, utilizing the best technology available and durable enough to be mounted on a tank.

When you’re thinking about an LED light bar, Rigid Industries offers some of the highest quality, most innovative technologies on the market. Our 50 Inch LED Light Bar Review will tell you why in detail.

Specifications and Features

Size: 7”x54”x7”

LEDs: 108

Raw Brightness: 24,840 Lumens

Brightness at 10m: 10,189 Lumens

Wattage: 297W

Amp Draw: 11.52

Beam Distance: 2018m


This model of 50 inch LED light bar utilizes Rigid Industries’ Hyperspot technology, making for a clear and bright view in front of you. This make boasts the highest energy-to-light efficiency ratio on the market, ensuring that 97% of the energy input is directed as light.

Rigid LED offroad lights also boast also boast some of the largest heat sinks on the market and amazing polycarbonate lenses which provide the optical transparency of glass without any risk of breaking during hard use.


Solid Construction by Rigid Industries

Rigid light bars are tough, there’s absolutely no doubt about it. Featuring an extruded aluminum casing, this intense LED light bar for trucks weighs in at only fifteen pounds but sacrifices absolutely nothing as far as durability is concerned. Each Rigid light bar is powder coated as well, ensuring longevity for even the casing.

The lens itself is made of polycarbonate, making it nearly unbreakable and extremely scratch resistant and the rubber front seal is custom fitted to each bar making the whole structure nearly impervious to the elements and guaranteeing years and years of hard use ahead of it. The seal itself is guaranteed one hundred percent waterproof down to forty degrees below zero, and held on with seven screws per ten inch stretch. That seal isn’t going anywhere, and guarantees the longest lasting value for your investment.

This Rigid light bar also houses large heat sinks, guaranteed to keep the running temperature of the lights down to a manageable level. The only real threat to an LED’s extended life is heat, and Rigid Industries has nailed it with their over-sized heat sinks which will ensure that your light is running for many long years ahead.

Rigid is known for their durable construction, and these Rigid LED offroad lights are absolutely no exception to that rule. This bar is made tough for those who intend to put it to hard use and is worth every penny of its price.


Why You Need This LED Light Bar

LED lights are quickly overtaking the market for all lighting applications, and it’s easy to see why. They boast improved efficiency, lower heat output, and lengths of use that exceed all other light forms. This particular model is rated to run for over 50,000 hours. That’s 50,000 hours that your 50 inch LED light bar will light the way for you. Mounting a forward projecting LED light bar on your truck only makes sense in the end, this exciting technology makes for maximum visibility which makes for maximum safety.

Whether you need to get around the farm at night or want to go on an extended, off-road adventure, you can rest assured with the brightness and toughness of these Rigid LED offroad lights after they’ve been installed. Their incredibly well-engineered casing ensures they won’t fail at inopportune times and leave you stranded in the dark, regardless of the heavy torture you might put them through.

Cheaper LED bars can be prone to breakage and failure, their cheap parts simply can’t match with a Rigid light bar. Why risk putting your life at stake due to a cheap part’s failure? You can rest easy on your jaunts by mounting a high quality, American made bar to your off-road vehicle and this Rigid light bar is sure to fit the bill.

The Hyperspot light configuration will project a maximum-intensity beam for up to two thousand meters in front of you. That’s two kilometers, or more than a mile of visibility. There’s definitely no need to worry about going anywhere blind with a Hyperspot Rigid light bar affixed to your vehicle. Despite its low amperage and wattage, this light is like strapping a stadium light to the front of your vehicle.

The amazing amount of utility this light can provide speaks for itself, and it excels in each and every area important for an accessory of this type. Incredibly tough, extremely long lasting, and among the brightest on the market this light isn’t just a cheap accessory you hope works, it is a reliable and enduring investment in your off-road vehicle.


Conclusion in our 50 Inch LED Light Bar Review

Anyone who’s serious about off-roading or just needs their work truck available at all hours in rough terrain knows that visibility is a key factor whether you’re out to have fun or just need to get something fixed, and this Rigid light bar is guaranteed to make your life easier regardless of your reasons for using it. You’ll never have to worry about working in the dark again as long as you have your truck and this light.

LED lights are a superior way to go even if you use the cheap ones, but if you’re seriously interested in investing in an LED light bar for your truck or other work vehicle, its best to loosen the strings a bit and buy one you’ll never have to worry about replacing. Efficient, reliable, tough, and incredibly long lasting, you can’t go wrong with a Rigid light bar for all of your visibility needs.

The only disadvantage to this light is that you will have to find your own mount, but with a careful choice you’re sure to end up with a great looking new feature for your vehicle that will prove its utility for a long time to come.

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Rigid Industries 50 Inch LED Light Bar Review

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