Hyperikon led flood light bulb

A great LED flood light bulb for your home

Hyperikon is one of my preferred brands when it comes to LED light bulbs. They’re a US based and operated corporation that makes some of the highest quality LED lighting on the market.

They offer an outstanding five year UNLIMITED warranty on their products. If that doesn’t speak volumes about their confidence and consumer friendly approach, I don’t know what does.

There are some good brands out there and some…eh, not so good. Hyperikon is definitely one of the better ones. Read on to find out why!

Hyperikon LED specifications:

  • Base type – E26
  • Color – 3000K (Soft White Glow)
  • Certification – UL
  • Wattage – 9
  • Incandescent equivalent – 75 Watts
  • Lumens – 720
  • Bulb Shape – BR30

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This Hyperikon light bulb makes for a great replacement of a 75 watt incandescent. Not only are they extremely affordable for LED lights, you will save massively on your electricity bill as the years go by.

It is rated for a GUARANTEED lifetime of 45,000 hours, which is great even for an LED light.

Cheaper LEDs will typically last for 25-30,000 hours, which might be generous. They also tend to have quality control issues such as flickering, buzzing, and shortened lifespans.

Of course, there are more factors that go into determining the quality of an LED light bulb. Those are the trends I have consistently seen among the lower priced LED products.

Don’t waste your time with a cheap product that you have to replace! Buy a reputable brand like Hyperikon that you can trust to have good quality control standards.

It’s my opinion that while this led flood light bulb can be used indoors and outdoors, it really shines indoors in kitchens, living rooms etc. The only reason I say this is you might want to go with a brighter light for an outside area.

They are in fact dimmable, which is perfect if you have a dimmer switch or think you might get one in the future.

Hyperikon LED review

The 3000k color is a very pleasant light that compliments any room perfectly. Some may prefer lighting with a warmer color to them, but these look great.

They instantly turn on to full brightness and are quiet as can be with no noise produced.

In the past, LED light bulbs struggled with a faint hum or buzz which is not the case with these.

Our conclusion of the Hyperkion LED review

The Hyperikon LED flood light bulb is a great choice for anyone looking to replace an incandescent or CFL bulb.

They are high quality and perfect for any spot inside or outside your house. 720 lumens is a nice middle point for a light to be bright enough while not being TOO bright.

They aren’t the cheapest out there, but when it comes to LED light bulbs that isn’t a bad thing. For the reasons I stated above, these high quality bulbs are the way to go.

Hyperikon is also very customer service oriented which is demonstrated by the outstanding warranty as well as the customer support you can see them provide in the Amazon reviews.

Anyone who had an issue was shipped new bulbs and ensured they were happy with the quality of them.

I think it would be hard to go wrong with them, and I recommend these light bulbs!

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Hyperikon LED Flood Light Bulb Review