VibeLight 100W LED Bulb Review

A 100W LED Bulb to light up your home

If you’ve been looking for a 100W led bulb for your track and recessed lighting, look no further. In our VibeLight 100W led bulb review, we go over why this is what you’ve been looking for.

Featuring a high quality, dimmable light bulb with an incredible lifespan, it is very hard to beat. Did I mention they also provide a 5 year warranty?


Here are the specifications

Wattage: 18 (Equivalent to a 100W incandescent)

Color Temperature: 3000 K

Lumens: 1100

Certification: UL Listed

Warranty: 5 years!

Lifespan: 22.8 years when used an average of 3 hours daily


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Further details on this dimmable LED bulb

This LED bulb is the perfect choice for recessed lighting. It puts out very little heat, and its 40 degree beam angle covers a wide area. That being said, one is definitely not enough to cover a room by itself! The 3000 K color temperature provides a very ‘warm’ lighting, opposed to a bright white or unpleasant color. It is very important to pay attention to the color temperature of LED lights, because they cover a wide range. Bright white isn’t the most flattering in a lot of rooms in the house.

Color Temperature Chart
Source: Westinghouse Lighting

The fact that is dimmable is great. If the lifespan wasn’t already long enough for you, dimming it extends it even further! It is excellently constructed and built to last. If you are replacing old halogen bulbs I think you will be extremely happy with this dimmable led bulb. The life span of 22 years is just incredible and the less often you have to change light bulbs the better, in my opinion.

One of my favorite aspects of any product is seeing how much the manufacturer backs it up. Most quality companies will have a good warranty if they believe in their product and understand the value of good customer service, which is definitely the case here. In the off-chance that you have a problem with the bulb, you’re covered for FIVE years! It doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to warranties on light bulbs.


Product Conclusion

After running through all of the features, I think the VibeLight dimmable LED bulb is a great product you can feel confident about purchasing. With an outstanding warranty, lifespan, and all the features you could want out of an 100W LED bulb it is hard to find anything negative to say about it!

It is an ideal bulb for replacing old non-LED bulbs with, especially if you are looking for energy savings. They may cost more up front, but with how long they last they pay for themselves pretty quickly as well as provide huge electricity savings over the course of its lifespan.

VibeLight is a quality manufacturer, and you can’t say that for every company making led light bulbs out there. Sure, there are cheaper lights out there. But it’s better to spend a little bit more money and get a quality product than have to replace a cheap one at all.

Not to mention cheaper light bulbs are more prone to defects and other issues!


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VibeLight 100W LED Bulb