Lighting EVER Outdoor LED Flood Light

A bright, outdoor LED flood light (6000K color) is a great enhancement to your home’s security and visibility. This flood light from Lighting EVER is an absolute monster. It has:

  • 1500 lumens – Very bright, equivalent to a 200W halogen bulb
  • IP66 Rating – Able to withstand the weather
  • 120 degree beam angle – Covers a lot of ground


Expanding on why this light is a solid choice

As you can tell from the specs I listed above, this outdoor LED flood light does not play around when it comes to providing some serious light. Whether you just want to use it for general purposes or illuminate a large portion of your house.

Just having a well lit house is a big deterrent to potential thieves. It also gives you a feeling of safety when you aren’t surrounded by darkness as soon as you step out of the door.

Outdoor LED Flood Light


The energy efficiency really shines, even on powerful LED flood lights like this one. This light only draws 20 watts to run, compared to a traditional 200W halogen light! If you’re like most people, you probably already have old halogen security bulbs. This light will effectively pay for itself over it’s long life span of an estimated 50,000 hours.

I’m also very impressed with the build quality. It’s not just a piece of plastic, but it is actually aluminum with a tempered glass front. This is a huge plus in my opinion because this means:

  • It’s durable
  • Aluminum will dissipate heat (not good for a light’s internals)
  • It’s a step above the cheapest lights

And it’s not like you’re paying a premium for it. It is very affordable for anyone.

When it comes to installing the floodlight

Now if you have read any of my other reviews, you know I’m a fan of easy installation. Unfortunately, this light does require basic wiring to get set up. The thing is, a battery just wouldn’t be feasible for a light this powerful. It would take too long to charge with solar and too expensive to run with batteries.

That just comes with the territory when you are getting into higher wattage lights. It takes a little bit of power to put out 1500 lumens of brightness! So I wouldn’t even consider this a con. Just something to be aware of before you buy so you know what you’re getting.

The only real thing you should be aware of is that while it is highly water resistant, it does not come sealed tight. Some users have reported this as an issue where the wiring goes into the light. It’s nothing a little tape or silicone can’t fix if you’re concerned about though.

A huge selling point besides the obvious of it being a good flood light, is the warranty included. You’re covered for two years if anything goes wrong with the light. That’s just outstanding in this day and age. Any company that goes that far to make sure their customers are satisfied.


The verdict on this outdoor LED flood light

You’d have a hard time finding a comparable light at this price. The 1500 lumens of brightness is just outstanding. And you get the added bonus of saving a ton on your energy bill because of the LED technology.

They clearly put some work into the construction of the light and used some nicer materials than the standard led light you see around.

Installation will require some basic wiring, but that’s par for the course when it comes to these lights.

You can also feel confident when purchasing due to the great customer service shown by NEON mart on this product. As long as you’re in the warranty period, getting a replacement won’t be an issue.

I highly recommend checking out the LE Outdoor LED flood light!


Lighting EVER LED Flood Light Review