Mr. Beams LED Stair Light


The Mr. Beams LED Stair Light is an excellent choice for keeping your dark stairways and paths lit up. It has a motion sensor which ensures a long battery life as well as providing valuable light on demand.

Being battery powered, installation is a simple process that takes under five minutes. If you don’t want to screw it in, you can even get creative with something like velcro! They are not heavy at all, so it works surprisingly well.

Let’s look more in-depth at this excellent LED stairway light to see what makes it a solid choice.


What this LED Stair Light has to offer

First off, you might be wondering how bright this light is. It puts out 35 lumens of light which is very impressive considering it’s battery powered (3 C-cell batteries). It’s estimated that you will get about one year of light from each set of batteries.

It produces roughly 120 square feet of light coverage, making it a perfect choice for outdoors or indoors. The light is also weatherproof and UV resistant so toughing it outside is not an issue.

The motion sensor has a range of 15 feet which is plenty for any kind of set up you might have in mind. Whether that’s on a step or a hallway, there are a ton of different ways you can use it.

You’re really only limited by what you can think of, which brings me to my next point. This thing is easy to install since you don’t have to wire it, which is a tremendous plus. If wiring were involved, it would not have half the ways to use it! It saves you a ton of hassle and time if you’re not electrically inclined to that sort of thing.


Before and after of these LED Stair Lights


I’m a fan of the settings you can choose on the light as well. It automatically turns off 20 or 60 seconds, and has a glow mode that produces a low amount of light and stays on indefinitely.

A very useful feature that could be used when you know you’ll have company over, or just need the light for your own use. Also just as a note, the light only turns on in low light settings so you don’t have to worry about it activating during the day time.

I really don’t have any significant complaints about the light. It serves its intended purpose well which is always the main concern with LED lighting products. However, that’s not to say that it is perfect!

I feel like the light cold be a warmer tone from the bright white, which is just my personal preference. I don’t mind that color for outdoor use, but I am a big fan of “warmer” tones for indoor use. It’s also worth being aware of that you will need to buy your batteries separately as it does not come with any.


Summing it all up

Overall, it’s a great product that you can’t go wrong with. The variety of potential uses for it are staggering and it performs well! I am a fan of any LED light that does not require wiring because I don’t want to deal with the hassle of installing it. I just want a light that works well out of the box..

The amount of light that it puts out is solid as well. I don’t think I’ve come across another LED stair light that produces the same amount. Combined with the excellent motion sensor and options, it’s a no-brainer.

Start lighting up your stairways or anywhere you can imagine with the Mr. Beams LED Stair Light


Mr. Beams LED Stair Light Review