Etekcity LED Lantern


The Etekcity LED Lantern is one of the best lanterns available for any use. Whether it’s an emergency kit, a power outage, or camping you will be hard pressed to find a more efficient light source.

On a single charge of 3 AA batteries you will get up to 12 hours of bright, omni-directional LED lighting to illuminate your surroundings.

How does the LED lantern hold up?


However, it’s important to know that of the total 12 hours, only 8 are at the highest brightness. The last 4 hours are at a dimmer brightness to extend the battery life as long as possible. This isn’t a negative, just something to be aware of before purchasing. You might think that your lantern was defective if you purchased it without knowing that in advance! I find that 8 hours of high brightness is a lot more than most folks will need, with a few exceptions. I know for a fact that would be plenty for a weekend of camping for me.LED Lantern Collapsed


The design of this led lantern is just outstanding. when it’s collapsed it is just a little bit larger than an iPhone 6, which saves a LOT of space compared to other lanterns. The easiest thing to compare it to is an oversized can of soda.

Perhaps one of the best features (one of my favorites) though are the fold-out handles. These make for easy carrying or just hanging around your surroundings. You can even detach them to hang the light from a rope or branch.


Where a lot of LED lights can be confusing to operate with a lot of buttons, this lantern could not be more simple. All you have to do to turn it on is extend the top of it and you’re good to go! And a minor but nice thing is that etekcity provides the initial batteries so it’s ready out of the box.

This same shell design keeps the lantern safe and able to take some abuse when it’s not being used. The build quality is advertised as being military grade, and it actually lives up to that! It’s all made of ABS plastic (with the exception of the handles, of course) which is pretty sturdy.


The lighting they provide in 360 degrees is enough to light up a surprisingly large area. If you have multiple going it would be enough to cover an entire campsite. In the case of an emergency, you could light up multiple rooms in your house with a few. Based on their small size and battery efficiency,  they are a great choice for pretty much anyone.


How the light looks turned on (Candle for scale)
                                                           How the light looks turned on (Candle for scale)



Putting everything together

For the price I think it is very hard to beat the elekcity LED Lantern. I haven’t seen a comparable lantern with such a good reputation at even close to the same price. It is a very versatile lantern that is good for different situations. It provides a surprisingly large amount of lighting for its small stature.


At the time of this writing, it has over 800 reviews and an outstanding rating. If you need an LED lantern for any situation, you owe it to yourself to check this one out. The portability and functionality alone separate it from a lot of the competition.


Don’t wait until you need an LED lantern, have one ready to go!

Etekcity LED Lantern