LED Studio Lighting Kit


An LED Studio Lighting kit is an essential part of video maker’s arsenal. Whether you’re just a hobbyist or a professional, enhanced lighting will take your video quality to the next level. And they’re a versatile tool to improve the video quality whether you’re inside or outdoors. These lights in particular are ideal for lighting inside.

So what does the Neewer Photography Kit bring to the table? Well, if I’m being literal, then two lights and tripods. If I’m being more figurative, they provide a powerful, portable lighting solution for someone who is just starting out. This LED studio lighting is very affordable and powerful for its small stature. (660 Lumens)

For the price, it’s difficult to beat this kit. It has a simple design that does what it is supposed to do.


Setting realistic expectations for this LED Studio Lighting Kit

One common misconception that people tend to have about them is the fact that the tripods are only 30 inches tall (2 ft, 6 inches) Even though it is very clearly specified in the product title and description. So if you’re looking for some bigger stands, you need to have your own or buy some bigger lights. That being said, I think the stands are fine.

These lights aren’t trying to take the place of bigger ones and are clearly meant for smaller spaces.

A huge plus to these LED studio lights is that you can use any kind of AA batteries with them. You’re not stuck with some proprietary battery pack and untrustworthy charger. Slap in your own batteries or rechargeable ones and you’re good to go. As always, with LED lights using so little power, you are going to get plenty of lighting time. (60-80 minutes of continuous lighting)

Piggybacking off the above, being battery powered is a nice benefit for lighting so you don’t have to be close to a plug to use them. This allows you to light up your area wherever it might be. No more being tied to the same room, at the same table.

It even opens up the opportunity to do some outdoor filming. Obviously they aren’t going to light up a forest, but would be great for night time filming around the house.


Neewer LED lights


Final thoughts

It’s not easy to find drawbacks to this LED studio lighting setup. It’s pretty straightforward and does what it advertises without being over the top expensive. If I had to pick out something that could be improved, it would have to be using batteries.

Wait a second, I just made the batteries out to be a plus though! The thing is, this is going to vary a lot between different people. Some folks only need lighting for ~20 minutes or less, which these would be fine for on the odd occasion. But if you film longer videos or every day, you’re going to want a pair of rechargeable batteries. It really just depends on your needs and how you tend to film your videos.

That’s really all I can say even slightly negative about these lights. They’re a great starting point to figure out if you want to invest in a more comprehensive lighting set up. (Which will cost MUCH more than these) and will provide solid lighting for your videos or photography projects.

Don’t hesitate to start using additional lighting. Check out the Neewer Photography 160 LED Studio Lighting Kit on Amazon

Neewer LED Studio Lighting Kit