RWL-07 Magnetic LED Work Light Review


The Magnetic LED Work Light you’ve been looking for

If you are looking for one of the best magnetic LED work lights for automotive work, the RWL-07 by Torchstar is a great choice. The versatility of this work light comes from its excellent design. It is cordless, rechargeable, has a magnetic base, and can also be charged via a normal power outlet or even your car charger!


Here are its specifications:

Total life-span: 30,000 hours of use

Luminous flux: 210 Lumens

Waterproof rating: IP 20

Run-time on a single charge: 2.5 Hours

Time to fully charge the battery: 4 Hours

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Pros of this magnetic LED work light

So let’s cover these in a little more depth. The long life-span of the light is one of the huge reasons I love LED technology so much. Even though the light is not replaceable, that will last you for years of use whether you are using it to repair your vehicle or just as an outside light when camping. At an extremely reasonable price, this is a great deal.

The light output of this light is 210 lumens, which is great for illuminating a small area without being blindingly bright. LED lights can get extremely bright, which is great if it fits what you’re trying to accomplish. But for getting into a tight space (like an engine, or underneath a car) and giving it the right amount of light so it isn’t blinding you is pretty important.

While the battery life on a single charge isn’t amazing, it isn’t bad either. Two and a half hours is a decent amount of time to get a relatively simple task done. But what if you need more time? This light can be plugged in while charging and still be on! Provided you are close to a vehicle or a power socket, you can work continuously without any interruption. That’s VERY nice because it basically makes the battery life a non-issue for anyone, and when you need the portability you can just detach it.

And probably the biggest pro of them all: the design. This light is designed to be able to shine light wherever you need it. The magnetic base sticks to steel very firmly, and the hook on top of the light is rotatable in 360 degrees! The head also rotates 180 degrees and pivots 80 degrees.

You get the idea, this work light is extremely flexible. The only thing to keep in mind is some people have said that the hook isn’t the strongest, but I don’t consider that to be a con given all that the light is capable of. Even in a worst case scenario where the hook broke, the light would still be incredibly functional.

Here’s a great picture someone who reviewed the light on Amazon took. Really shows the variety of ways this work light can be used:

Magnetic LED Work Light Engine
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Cons of this magnetic LED work light

Let’s cover the IP rating. If you’re not familiar with what that means, it is basically a way of saying of how resistant an electrical product is to intrusion and moisture. The first digit tells you the intrusion protection, and the second digit tells you the moisture protection.

In the case of this light it has an IP rating of 20. For the first digit 2, it means the following:

“Protection against fingers or other object not greater than 80mm in length and 12mm in diameter.”

And for the second digit 0, it is not rated to be protected against moisture at all. So it isn’t rated highly in protecting from either category. This just means you need to be aware of where you use the light and what it is capable of. Given that this light is probably going to be used in a garage, I don’t feel like this is a big deal as long as it is out of the way from taking physical damage.


Product summary

The RWL-07 magnetic LED work light is one of the best and most versatile work lights on the market. Whether you’re using in your garage or as an extra light when you’re camping it will serve you well. The ability for it to be placed almost anywhere, and its light output make it a great all around choice and even a decent emergency light.

The only shortcoming is that it is not designed to take a beating, but if it were it would likely cost a lot more money.

I highly recommend it for anyone needing a small light that can be used in a variety of different situations.

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RWL-07 Magnetic LED Work Light Review

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