PowerSmith Led Work Light Review

LED Work Light Tripod Review – Night is no longer an issue.

If you need a work light for a large area indoors or outside, this LED work light tripod by PowerSmith is a great choice. With 10,000 lumens of light output, this is by far the most powerful work light I’ve reviewed so far.

Here are the technical specifications below:

Lumens: 10,000

Cord: 9 feet

Height: When fully extended: 80” (6 feet 8 inches)

LED Color: 5000K “Bright White” Color Temperature

Material: Sealed Die-Cast Aluminum Housing with Impact Resistant Glass Lens

IP Rating: ???


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Why this LED work light will change how you work

No longer is quitting when the sun goes down a forced quitting time. With this tripod LED light you will be able to light up your entire workspace with ease. The lights have an adjustable tilt allowing them to go 30 degrees down all the way to 90 degrees up, which is PERFECT for lighting at any angle. If you need to light up what you’re working on over your shoulder, you can do that! It is plenty tall. If you need to light up a ceiling, the adjustable tilt will allow you to do that as well!

But you may be wondering how viable it will be if you don’t want to lug the tripod around all the time. Good news: you don’t have to! The lights actually can detach from it and be used as a standalone LED work light for tighter spaces or lower angles. This versatility is what I value the most when I review a work light, because each work space or situation is different. A light that can be adapted to what you’re doing is an excellent value.

PowerSmith Tripod LED Work Light
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As with any LED work light, a huge plus is the low amount of heat put out by the light. LEDs do not get hot like halogen lighting does, so you never have to worry about accidentally burning yourself or working under a hot light for hours at a time. It is easy to take that for granted, but when you live in a naturally hot state like I do you do what you can to reduce all heat possible!

The one thing that leaves a big question in my mind is, what is the IP rating of this light? PowerSmith did not include one in their listing, so we can only assume.

I don’t want to “guess-timate” a number because that could possibly be misleading, but I would say mid-range. Die cast aluminum is pretty standard for a work light.

Some users have also reported having issues with the tripod’s durability, with others saying it was fine. In the one case of a defective tripod the company sent the user a replacement, so that is reassuring. My thoughts on its durability: keep it out of the rain and you’ll be good to go!


Product Conclusion

If you are looking for a very bright, very versatile LED work light, this is the one for you. The huge light output alone sets it apart from other work lights, but the many ways it can be used is what really sells it.

While an IP rating from the manufacturer would be nice, PowerSmith does give a 2 year warranty from manufacturing defects which is great. Any time a company offers a warranty like that I feel much more confident in their product.

This Tripod LED Work Light from PowerSmith is a great choice and I highly recommend it!

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PowerSmith LED Work Light Tripod Review