rechargeable led work light review


A lot of people have a need for a rechargeable led work light that can be used and moved around on the job, not tethered to a wall by a cord.

A lot of those don’t even last longer than two hours, making getting longer jobs done even more difficult.

This rechargeable led work light not only has a great lumen count, but an excellent run-time per charge and detachable battery that allows you to carry extras if necessary.

Here are the specifications below:

  • Lumens: 900 (Equivalent to a 100W halogen bulb)
  • Battery life working time: Up to 4.5 hours, charging time up to 5 hours
  • Beam distance: 20m
  • Certification: UL

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More than just a rechargeable LED work light

900 Lumens is a great sweet spot when it comes to lighting. It isn’t blindingly bright, but will definitely give you enough light to get the job done whether you’re in the garage or in an emergency situation. Only weighing 3 pounds, this portable led light can be used for just about any situation you can think of.

It would be a life saver if you needed to pull over at night to change a tire or in the event of a power outage.

The battery life is great. It has up to four and half hours of working time which is plenty for whatever use you may have for it. Most led work lights do not offer anywhere near as long of a time as this one does.

The brightness is also good considering the small size of it. That’s because it has a huge battery capacity being 8800mAh!

Another great feature of this light is the fact that the batteries are detachable from the unit. They can be charged with a normal charger or a car charger (both of which are included with the light) – I was really impressed by this because it adds on to the already impressive versatility.

Really, it is far more than just a work light. The loftek can be used for outdoor stuff like camping / travel OR someone doing painting or work in a garage.

Lastly, it may not seem like much but I feel like it’s important to share with all products on this site that this work light has a UL listing. This is just a basic certification that ensures it meets the basic standards of safety for an electric device.

Keep an eye out for cheap competing products that lack this basic safety rating, because they can be prone to failure.


Conclusion of our rechargeable LED work light review

The Loftek Rechargeable LED work light is a portable solution to almost any lighting needs you may have.

It has an excellent design with great battery life and doesn’t compromise on brightness.

It provides a great light source for hours on end that can be charged in the home or on the go with your car.

The fact that you can buy more than one battery is great so you can always have one ready to go.

If you are looking for a portable LED work light than can be used in more situations than most lights could ever hope to, this is the one for you.

I have yet to see a light that does as many things as this one, and it does all of them well. I highly recommend it!

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Loftek Rechargeable LED Work Light Review