Snap-on LED work light

Tired of fumbling around for your tools in the dark?

It’s pretty much a given that a high-quality work light is a requirement for any home shop and there’s no reason to be making your vital repairs in the dark.

LED technology is sure to suit your needs for years to come, and the Snap-On Work light is no exception to that. Click here to view it on Amazon


Product Dimensions: 10”x10”x4”

Weight: 4lbs

Wattage: 25W

Number of LEDs: 46

Light Output: 2000 Lumens

Color Temperature: 5000K

Cord Length: 6’

Plug Type: Standard Grounded 3-prong

The handiness of this Snap On LED light

Work lights are an absolutely essential piece of any home improvement worker’s tool kit. This light and portable design can be run anywhere around the house as long as you have an extension cord.

You can use its intense light to navigate the dark areas under and over your home, or drag it out to make vital repairs on your vehicle without worrying about the time anymore.

Everyone has done a project or too that has extended too long into the night. When you’re eager to get something done it’s hard to have to abide by natural day and night cycles, and with an excellent Snap-On work light, you definitely won’t have to.

You can get your projects done on your time now, and this light is an absolute bargain.

With adjustable knobs to change the angle of the brilliant light which emerges from the LEDs, you’re sure to be able to spotlight whatever you need to access and work on.

Being able to angle the light is important, as your projects won’t always be on ground level, and it’s definitely a feature that should draw you in even more to this light. If you have a garage or room with a light color, this light is powerful enough that you can gain an even amount of light over your workspace by aiming it upwards as well.

The light itself is compact and light, allowing you to maneuver it to wherever your project may be happening with ease.

The stand will allow you to place the work light wherever it might be needed, and this will leave your hands free for whatever task is at hand. As long as you keep track of your cord, this light can certainly go anywhere that you can.

Some enterprising DIYers have even recommended replacing your standard garage lighting with a few of these Snap-On work lights because of their sheer power. The possibilities are endless here, and you’re sure to be pleased with your purchase.

Here’s a great video review of the light to see how well it performs:

Why an LED Work Light?

LEDs are changing the world of lighting technology rapidly. Most people don’t put too much thought into what exactly their light source entails, but they’re making an error in judgment by doing so.

LEDs are a simply superior form of lighting compared to the older incandescent, fluorescent, and high-pressure sodium lights and that holds true across pretty much all applications.

The 46 LEDs are arranged in a central location on the front of this Snap-On LED work light, and end up being protected well from any incoming damage. As long as you’re not lobbing a brick directly at it, your light will remain safe and protected from harm and it will be around for years to come.

LED lights have one feature which continually amazes, and that’s their longevity. Even the cheapest LED bulbs are rated to run for around 50,000 hours before failing.

That’s about five years of continuous run time, making any LED product an absolutely amazing investment. You won’t need to replace bulbs, and the years of service and lack of hassle makes them an amazing deal.

Anyone who’s had to use a work light before knows that most bulbs get extremely hot after being on for an extended period. You could pretty well fry an egg on their surface after just a few hours of run-time.

The color temperature of 5000K is a definite improvement over old-styled bulbs, you won’t need to worry about the dullish red glow that an incandescent bulb might give off.

5000K and higher in the color spectrum come close to simulating full daylight. This superior light source will allow you to see clearly and sharply for whatever task is at hand.

This great Snap-On LED work light only requires 35W of energy to run, a fraction of the power required to produce the same amount of light from an incandescent bulb.

This will translate directly into you saving money.

Final thoughts on this Snap On LED light

If you don’t have a Snap-On LED light in your home shop, you’re making a large mistake. For the modern person who fancies themselves handy, there’s simply no reason to go with inferior lighting systems.

There are a couple slight drawbacks to this product, but they are fleetingly minor for those who need a work light. It’s a corded-only light, which can be a hassle at times but for most applications doesn’t really matter.

It can also be a bit too bright for those with sensitive eyes to keep up close to their project, but with the amazing Lumen output, it becomes just a matter of a slight positioning change.

The ease of portability of this device makes it absolutely indispensable for any work which needs to be done around the home, and this Snap-On LED light is a great way to introduce yourself to some of the greatest devices around. For a small investment, this light will work for years to come.

There’s no need to let the sun go down and stop you from finishing your work, or to have trouble placing your powerful but high-temperature and high-pressure sodium bulb somewhere it won’t damage your valuable home.

A light like this is a game-changer, and using superior LED technology it’s sure to be your companion in the dark for years to come.

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Snap-On LED Work Light Review

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